Rescuing Data Together

Rescuing Data

The activity of rescuing data involves a combination of Harvesting, Storing and Monitoring data, with an added sense of urgency. It’s triggered when people lose faith in the entities who have been storing their data. When this occurs, the people who feel their data are in danger scramble to decentralize the data, moving multiple copies into multiple hands.

The social phenomenon of data rescue is largely a response to the precariousness of a centralized web. With decentralized technologies people do not have to put their faith into any individual entity or location to house their data. Moving to new, safer locations or replicating it across many locations is an easy operation to carry out if you are using decentralized approaches.

Examples of Communities Rescuing Data

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  • GeoCities
  • Government Data Rescue (climate data): Canadian (2007?), ClimateMirror, DataRefuge, Azimuth, EDGI
  • Soundcloud