Reading Group

Oct 20, 2019

Data Together’s reading group is an ongoing conversation on themes relevant to data stewardship.

Access the current semester’s reading group on our Github.

How it works

We organize our reading group by “semesters” of about six once-a-month conversations over video call, where we meet to discuss our curated reading selections.

How to participate

Anyone is welcome to join! It’s also okay to drop in for just one session in a semester.

What we ask:

  • Do the readings
  • Listen more than you speak. In particular, notice how many people are on the call (n) and try to speak no more than 1/nth of the time.
  • Adhere to our Code of Conduct

See the Join page for more information!

Previous semesters

Create your own reading group (or self-study) using our materials! Here are previous semesters' reading selections (and associated notes, video recordings, and blog posts):